Google Blogging Tip # 57: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 24

Email Question....
Q) Can you tell me how to get the World Greenhouse Clock Widget to install on my Blog, or can you find an alternative, I have looked.
Submitted by: No Nonsense Green, Blog -

A) This answer has three parts:
First: I have tested this both on Apple and Windows Vista. It requires an additional 3rd party software download that on Apple doesn't work. You should never download a Blog or Web Page Widget that doesn't display or work on the major computer browsers (Apple iMAC Safari, Firefox for Apple, Windows Vista, and Firefox for Windows).
Note: If you get a message that something requires a third party install to run a program or device, the only three that are safe to download are:
1/ - Adobe Acrobat, this reads .pdf files.
2/ - Macromedia Flash to play .swf and .flv flash files.
3/ - Flip for MAC including Windows for MAC

Second: I did send the bank a message informing them of the problem and suggesting that the widget be rewritten in a JavaScript format using Google's API for standardization.

Finally: I did find another Carbon base greenhouse counter. It is not nearly as aesthetic as the Bank Greenhouse Gas Clock, but it is easy to install and use.
Note: Maybe some college student or Green person will write a better Greenhouse Gas Clock in JavaScript. If they do I hope they send it to me so it can be shared by all my readers and supporters.
See below for an optional Widget....

Monthly World Carbon Emissions

1. Sign-in to your Google Blog.
2. Select 'Layouts.'
3. Select 'Gadgets.'
4. Select 'HTML / JavaScript.'
5. Save, View Blog, make changes as needed including move snippet widget icon to desired location.

Copy and Paste the JavaScript Code....

To see an Example of how this 'Widget (Gadget)' works:


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