Google Blogging Tip # 100: Google Blogs, Substituting a Picture for the Title on a Post

Q) I have tried repeatedly to add an HTML Code within the 'Title' bar of Google blogspot Blog 'New Post' and cannot get it to work. I want to substitute a Picture for the Title on my Post. I have seen this done on other blogs.
How do you do this?

A) Google blocks the use of HTML and JavaScript within its Title Block for Posts. To avoid using the Layout, and 'Edit HTML' function, there is a simple way to accomplish this. Just don't use the 'Title Bar' at all. Also, do not use the Link Bar if you have it enabled.
Place your picture at the top of the empty block where you would add any text, pictures, or video. I believe this will accomplish what you are trying to do. I recommend the picture image be 375 pixels wide x 55 pixels high.
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See the picture below:

See the sample of how it's done and should look like.
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